O&O Defrag Professional 26.1.7709 Email With IP Address [2023]

What is O&O Defrag Professional Email?

O&O Defrag Professional Edition 24.0 Build 6023 + License Key Download


O&O Defrag Professional Email is a quality defrag utility that can optimize your hard disks and boasts significant speed increases after use. Defragmenting your computer’s partitions with the help of a strong program like O&O Defrag Professional Edition will help your computer run more smoothly and efficiently. The user interface is simple and straightforward. A few tabs show the cluster view, fragmentation history, drive status, jobs, reports, and file status, respectively. When Windows saves data, it disperses file fragments across the hard drive, significantly slowing down access times. This happens every time Windows keeps data.

It consists of a ribbon bar that lists all of the various operations that can be carried out in O&O and a list of local discs that are accessible. Additionally, it offers a user-friendly option that can be used to defragment the schedule, and it supports a system-friendly option. The program has many useful functions, one of which is checking for drive problems and safely rectifying any foundation concerns. In addition, O&O Defrag Professional Email Edition can adjust itself to the load on the system (thanks to O&O Activity Guard), generate before-and-after reports, use power management for laptops, and defrag.

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O&O Defrag Professional Edition is mainly used For?

If you let O&O Defrag Professional Edition optimize your hard drives, you might realize performance gains of up to one hundred percent. Your computer’s performance may be significantly improved by doing routine disc defragmentation! While you execute defragmentation, the files that Windows conceptually splits while saving documents across the hard drive are reassembled so that they may be swiftly recognized and identified by the reading and write heads that are a part of your device’s hardware. Increases in the speed of up to one hundred percent are not rare, and your hardware will suffer significantly less wear and tear.

O&O DiskStat allows you to analyze how the space on your hard drive is utilized (Pie chart or Bar graph), with the assistance of Charts (Pie chart or Bar graph). When you first run the program, a summary of the information saved on your hard drive will be displayed to you in a more condensed format than its original form. Using O&O Defrag Professional Email, you can search for files that are not being used and delete them; this will free up a significant amount of space on your hard disc! At the same time, a screen saver is active, defrag multiple drives, files, and directories simultaneously or individually, and much more.

O&O Defrag Professional Edition provides us with the user-interface?

In the defragmentation process, the files that are stored on the hard drive are organized and merged. You may think of the hard disc or solid-state drive (SSD) as a shoebox in which you keep a lot of notes (the files). O&O Defrag Professional Email Windows rip up any new messages it receives and places the fragments it creates in the shoe box. If you then wish to reaccess a file, Windows has first to locate the “file snippets” and then glue them together before the file can ultimately be loaded. This process takes place before the file can be loaded at all. This results in a loss of time and a significant decrease in performance.

O&O Defrag Professional Email organizes the contents of this shoebox by merging the fragments of a file and copying them sequentially to the hard disc or solid-state drive (SSD). In addition, the files have been restructured to reduce the time spent waiting for access while the program is loading. This will save you time and secure the quantities of data you have. If you utilize O&O Defrag consistently, the access speed of your Windows system, as well as its general performance, will substantially improve. O&O Defrag may also be set to operate entirely automatically in the background, allowing you to ensure that you are never again troubled with “file snippets.”

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O&O Defrag Professional Screenshot:

O&O Defrag Professional Edition 24.0 Build 6023 + License Key Download

What are the Key  Features of O&O Defrag Professional Edition?

  • World-exclusive Defrag screen protector included.
  • The system and program start even faster.
  • O&O Defrag Professional Email reduced defragmentation time by up to 40%.
  • Automatic deletion of free space for more privacy.
  • System Optimization with Thin Provisioning.
  • Automatic defragmentation in the background.
  • O&O Defrag Professional Email for defragmenting partitions to improve computer performance.
  • You can collect separate files and increase system speed.
  • The exclusive Defrag screen saver is included worldwide
  • In addition, it is easy to use even without previous experience
  • Time View to identify the defragmentation activity that leads to successful optimization
  • Increase your chances of recovering lost files and speed up your files
  • Fragmented filter to place the most fragmented files on a drive O&O Disc Cleaner.
  • Time view to see which defragmentation activity leads to which optimization succeeds.
  • You can also adapt to system booting, create before and after reports, and use laptop power management.


What is O&O Defrag Professional Email?

O&O Defrag 26 checks your hard drive or SSD for inconsistencies that can lead to problems. The component memory and the Windows system files are checked for errors. After completing the check, O&O Defrag will show you whether and which errors were found. Most mistakes can be corrected directly with the repair function.

Is defrag still necessary?

But is it necessary to defrag your hard drive? It depends. Data storage technology has evolved over the years and starting with Windows 7, hard drives are automatically defragged, so it doesn’t need to be done manually. With solid-state drives (SSDs), there are no circumstances where defragging is necessary.

Is defragmenting risky?

Even if you interrupt the process somehow, it’s not likely that your hard drive will suffer any harm. O&O Defrag Professional Email Defragging is one of the safest and simplest ways to care for your hard drive and ensure your PC is optimized for its best performance.

Minimum Requirements:

  • Windows Vista/ 7/ 8/ 8.1/ 10 (32-bit or 64-bit – all editions)
  • 600 MHz or faster processor
  • 512 MB RAM (memory)
  • 50 MB free hard disk space
  • 800 x 600 display

How to Activate O&O Defrag Professional?

If you want to activate O&O Defrag Professional Email, follow these steps:

  • To get started, use IOBIT Uninstaller to remove the previous version from your computer.
  • You should download O&O Defrag Professional Email and unpack the files (you need Winrar to remove the password-protected files)
  • Install the file containing the configuration.
  • To activate, please use the serial key (included in the ZIP file)
  • Ready!
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